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The First Tee — Greater Detroit program is for students ages 5-16. Our age-based curriculum goes over basic golf skills that are taught alongside the First Tee Key Commitments. We offer winter (indoors), spring, summer, and fall sessions. The cost per session is $65 (winter is $55). We never want money to be a reason that a young person cannot participate with us. We offer financial assistance to those who inquire during registration.

Programming is currently held at:
Beech Woods (Southfield)
Belle Isle (Wayne County)
Durfee Innovation Society (Wayne County – Winter indoor sessions)
Maple Lane Golf Club (Macomb County)
Rackham Golf Course (Oakland County)
Rammler Golf Club (Macomb County)
Rouge Park Golf Course (Wayne County)
St. Johns (Plymouth)
Warren Valley (Dearborn Heights)


AGES 7-9AGES 10-11AGES 12-13AGES 14-16
Curriculum OverviewCurriculum OverviewCurriculum OverviewCurriculum Overview

We understand that the new age-based curriculum may not be ideal for families with children of different ages. Unfortunately, however, we’re not able to make exceptions.

Why the move to age-based programming?

Extensive research and feedback from participants and parents consistently show that age-appropriate programming will increase both engagement and retention of kids, especially older youth.

Registration will be simpler as parents are familiar with age-based as most sports and activities are set up this way. As participants stay with us longer, they will be eligible for more life-changing experiences and opportunities including scholarships.

The switch will allow for kids to learn with kids their own age and progress with them. Friends can learn and grow with their friends.

What are the age groups?

The age groups are: 7-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-16 (16-17 year olds can inquire about being a Junior Coach)

A class for children 5-6 will be held over the summer.

What if my child ages up during the middle of a session?

The age of a child on the first day of any session will dictate what class they sign-up for.

If a child has a birthday in the middle of a session that moves them up they will remain in the current class until the next session. For example, a child turning 10 in the middle of a session will remain in the 7–9-year-old class

Will there be an exception for siblings of different ages to be in the same group for convenience purposes if they are at the same skill level?

No, we will adhere to the age of participants. Accommodations will not be made for siblings.

The curriculum is designed for the specific age groups, kids staying in their age group will ensure that kids are getting a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

How will the age-based classes affect the old level-based progression?

Kids will no longer test to move into a new level. Once they reach the new age group, they will automatically move into the next age group.

Progression will be measured through a new badge system.

Badges will be used to measure progression and accomplishments.

Information on the badging coming soon.

How will children be assessed (tested) using the age-based system?

Participants will not move through different levels as in previous years.

Badges will replace assessments. Badges will be based on various accomplishments.

At the end of the session, you will be emailed an individualized progress report for your participant, which will also indicate the specific lessons covered.

Are you an adaptive program?

First Tee – Greater Detroit’s program is not currently an adaptive program. We want to provide the highest quality experience to every participant, and participants with developmental disabilities deserve individualized attention for the entirety of each class. We encourage parents to look into the following adaptive golf organizations in the Greater Detroit area: Kids on the Go and Special Olympics. We hope to continue to expand the scope of our programming and be able to offer an adaptive program in the future!